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The Boutique Hearing blog provides helpful information about hearing, communication strategies, hearing instruments and advancements in all things audiology. Our goal is to educate—and perhaps entertain—you along the way.

Five Considerations When Purchasing Hearing Instruments

The other day my husband was sharing a conversation he and his co-workers had regarding ways someone can invest their money. He works for a financial services firm in the Chicago area that focuses on ...
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Myths and Facts About Hearing Instruments

What do you think of when someone mentions hearing aids? Is it the large beige monstrosity your grandparents wore or do you think of a slim, barely visible smartphone compatible device? What comes to mind ...
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The Making of Boutique Hearing

When someone suggested I start a blog I thought “Yeah right, I am not a writer.” Creative writing assignments were what I dreaded the most in school. Needless to say, I quickly wrote off (pun ...
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