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Customized Hearing Solutions

I am often asked “what is the best hearing aid?”  Unfortunately, that question is not the easiest to answer as not everyone has the same hearing loss and lifestyle. As I tell clients, the best ...
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Seeing Your Hearing Loss is Believing

I recently went in for my semi-annual dental appointment and found that a cavity was growing under a current filling. Turns out, I clench my teeth when I sleep so my tooth wore a hole ...
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Does One Size Fit All?

My husband and I recently went to a spa for a couple’s massage which we do once or twice a year when on a vacation. This spa day started out like any other; we checked ...
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An Audiology Practice In The Making

One year ago, I set out to make a change. I submitted a letter of resignation to my current employer and dared to believe in myself and my vision. Concierge audiology was something no one ...
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The Truth about Noise Exposure

Silence by definition is the absence of sound, stillness, or a period of time without speech or noise. Silence seems like it would be simple to attain, but in truth, it can be allusive. Imagine ...
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The Impact of Unilateral Hearing Loss

Have you ever noticed how some things are just meant to work together? Take for example Abbott and Costello, without whom we’d still not know who was on first. Or how Fridays are better with ...
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Phantom of the Ear

Remember that saying “You don’t know what you have until its gone”? I’m not sure who is credited with this quote but how right they were. For me I remember when my husband and I ...
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Did You Know? Twelve Fun Hearing Facts

My daughter recently turned 11 and is at that age where half of her friends have cell phones and the other half want them. So, my husband and I compromised and gave her my old ...
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These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Hearing Aids

Every time I meet a client who is new to hearing instruments I am reminded that outside of my audiology bubble many people still think of hearing instruments as the bulky whistling monstrosities their grandparents ...
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Hearing and Brain Health

Have you ever noticed how many people wear glasses? I have friends that will rotate between various frames and contact lenses depending on their mood or outfit of the day. Thick black frames to look ...
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