Our Story

Boutique Hearing is a concierge audiology practice revolutionizing the way hearing instruments are fit.

Audiologist Dr. Barbara Corbett, Au. D., owner and founder of Boutique Hearing, travels to her clients’ home or office for all audiology services from the hearing evaluation to the fitting and follow-up care. 

Dr. Corbett has over 15 years of experience as an audiologist including the University of Chicago Medicine; Hearing Health Center; Phonak and Presence Resurrection Medical Center where she gained the unique perspective of a private practice, hearing instrument manufacturer and hospital. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Corbett has been passionate about helping people hear better. She has seen hearing instrument technology advance while the instruments themselves have become more discreet. However, Dr. Corbett noticed with all of these advancements the process of programming and fitting the hearing instruments was not evolving. People were still coming into a quiet office for their fitting, then being sent into complicated listening environments that were part of their everyday lives. Dr. Corbett wanted more for her clients—Boutique Hearing was created in part to disrupt this status quo. 

Boutique Hearing was founded with an energetic spirit and firm objective: enhance lives by improving hearing. Having hearing loss is difficult but finding the time to address it can also be challenging. That is the driving force behind Boutique Hearing: convenient, precise and customized hearing instrument fittings in the comfort of your home or office.

Why Boutique Hearing?


  • All services are completed in the comfort of your home or office
  • Less time out of your schedule
  • No need to rely on others for a ride
  • Hearing instrument supplies are shipped to you


  • Multiple instruments are available for demonstration to help make your selection
  • Instruments are programmed in the environment where they will be used
  • Options are available to have your instruments programmed in multiple environments (home, office, favorite restaurant, etc.)


  • Multiple service tiers are available to match your specific needs
  • Clients can choose one or more programming locations
  • Multiple assistive listening devices are available

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