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Tailored Hearing

We bring the white glove service to you.

Boutique Hearing is revolutionizing the business of audiology by bringing the “boutique” to you. By definition, “boutique” is a small business that offers customized services—and we do just that. Boutique Hearing tailors everything from a hearing test to a hearing aid fitting and follow-up services to fit your lifestyle.

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A Sound Choice book cover

A Sound Choice

Boutique Hearing Strives to Deliver …

Dr. Corbett sitting on a couch with laptop while performing a hearing test with a patient


At Boutique Hearing, we bring the office to our clients. For some, this means less missed work. For others, it means independence as they do not need to rely on friends and family for transportation. For all, this means less stress and more time for you.


We strive to provide the best hearing solutions for our clients. Fitting a hearing aid in an environment where it will be used allows for the most accurate programming and eliminates much of the unknown.


Boutique Hearing is unlike any other audiology clinic; we customize hearing aid fittings to meet your needs. We also offer several service tiers so you can choose the plan that best serves you.

A Sound Choice book cover

A Sound Choice

If you or someone you know struggles with hearing loss you need to read this book. A Sound Choice explains how the ear and brain work together to hear and what happens when hearing loss occurs. Dr. Corbett explains "Many people do not realize how much of our ability to hear or process what we hear occurs in the brain rather than in the ear." In writing the book A Sound Choice her goal was to educate the reader on how they hear as well as how hearing loss occurs and what can be done to improve hearing aside from or in conjunction with hearing aids.

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